Break free from traditional surveys

As a freelance Survey Designer, I love to rethink how people can interact with your online research.

My passion is to craft beautiful solutions and smooth user-experience that capture the right type of information! And that is what I aim for in surveys. Design and look and feel at its best.

I have created my own platform to be completely flexible in design and possibilities. Happy I can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands with great partners for great clients all over the world!

It's time! Join the next-generation surveys.

Dennis Sewberath
SurveyFriendly Designer

Research Messenger

Meet Research Messenger, we place your questions in a pre-defined chat conversation. People can answer your questions as if they were chatting with you or your company.

Survey Cubes

Pageless design is the future of online surveys.

It's seamless, intuitive, easier to digest and much faster and more effective to fill in.

Comming soon ...

Conversation Design

Having a conversation with your participants makes it more personal and provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions in traditional surveys.

Comming soon ...

Other services

A little guidance

Feel free to download my presentations. Hope they can inspire you for your own SurveyFriendly projects! Occasionally I present at clients and events


If you need help with your survey projects and you prefer your own data collection software, I can also help you. With more than 15 years of scripting experience, I'm sure I can help you!

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