Research Messenger

An innovative way for quick and easy feedback.

Having a conversation with your participants makes it more personal and provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions in traditional surveys.

Meet Research Messenger, we place your questions in a pre-defined chat conversation. People can answer your questions as if they were chatting with you or your company. Research Messenger is also perfect for your contactform, subscriptions or to provide information like a FAQ or Support page.

Mobile First

Ideal for smartphones but not limited to mobile. Research Messenger works on all devices without any hassle to let people install an App first.

Reach everyone, everywhere and always

You can reach everyone, everywhere by email invites, SMS invites, Pop-up screen, QR Code, Website link or Panel company integration.
We can send out SMS Invites to improve the response rate


Secure login to view results in real-time and download the data in Excel, CSV or PDF.
Get notified and receive answers via email when someone has answered your questions. You can also choose to receive the results per survey in your mail.

Interactive questiontypes

We have different types of questions to capture the correct type of information.
Check out our demo.


All our projects are tailored made which makes each Research Messenger project unique. We help you setting up your questions and advising you the best layout and design. We can also run your fieldwork by sending out mail and/or SMS invites. Therefore it makes it difficult to setup fixed prices.

However we understand you need an estimation about the costs.
To give you an indication, our projects vary between € 199 to € 1,499.

Feel free to request a proposal to receive an exact quote!

Get in touch

Hope you like the Research Messenger as much as we do!
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