Survey Chatbot

get better feedback and higher completion rates by beautiful conversations

Survey Chatbot


Through the use of chat messengers and social media, we all communicate in a new different style, much faster and shorter, when and where we want. Therefore, to actually engage participants in your surveys , you need to make them personal, easy and refreshing instead of simply firing questions to people. Only then people become more involved and really interested in answering your questions!

Some more example



Also a Limesurvey fan?
I have setup an example to get the chatbot in Limesurvey too.

Limesurvey Survey Chatbot

Interested to use it? Just drop my an email.
Tested with Version 3.17.4+190529


Survey Chatbot started just as an experiment for one of my clients in 2017. Because of the many requests it turned into a standalone product under the name Research Messenger. From 2019 the Survey Chatbot is now fully integrated in the multi mode data collection platform from QuenchTec

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